Any attempt to stop the settlement without making the proposed preliminary investigation would be an irresponsible gamble. Since I have witnessed many gambles of this kind I can state from personal experience that the savings associate with inadequate preliminary investigations are entirely out of proportion to the financial risks.”
  Karl Terzagi
Secretary's Message
01 Apr. 2022
  It is a matter of immense pleasure and pride for me to dedicate my humble services to the Indian Society of Engineering Geology as its Secretary for the Council term 2022-23. The fifty seven years old society has very glorious past and great laurels to its credit. It was founded by the officers of Geological Survey of India in 1965 and nurtured with sincere and dedicated cooperation of NHPC, NTPC, SJVNL, THDC, Power Grid, Universities, Research Institutes and many industries involved in water resource, transport & communication and other infrastructure development projects.

With time, the society has provided platforms for knowledge sharing and capacity building by organizing several National and International conferences and workshops across the country and contributed significantly with valuable research publications to the treasure of scientific literature related to Engineering Geology, Geo techniques, Geo hazards and Environmental Geology/ Science.

The Journal of Engineering Geology being published by the Indian Society of Engineering Geology is a prestigious, widely consulted publication by the Engineering Geologist as well as Civil Engineers. The Journal contains conceptual research papers and significant case studies as well for the benefit of its readers. Besides, periodical Journal, Society also publishes dedicated publications like Major Dams of India and Indian Monuments through the Ages for general interest. The Society has very learned Editorial board comprising experienced Engineering Geologists, Civil Engineers, Seismologist and Environmentalists who monitor and add to the quality of the content of the published material. The Society is working hard to get various national and international accreditations for the benefit of the contributors to the Journals.

In the present time, I am looking forward for a very important and vital role of the ISEG in nation infrastructure development activities. In power sector, the Pump Storage Hydro Power Development Projects are being preferred over the earlier River Valley Hydro-electric Development Projects. Similarly, in transportation Sector, several communication tunnels for roadways and railways are being planned and constructed in the entire country. Besides these, the Society can also play an important role in the research & development and mitigation projects related to Geo hazards like Landslides, Earthquakes and Floods and several environment related problems.

Of course, there are challenges on the way to achieve our objectives for taking the ISEG to new heights, but it is my firm belief that it can be obtained by the united and sincere cooperation of the members, valuable guidance of the seniors and dedicated efforts of the individual.

At the end, with boundless gratitude for the confidence placed in me by the Society members and with unswerving resolve to honour that trust, I ensure you all for my sincere efforts for earning more laurels for the Society and promote the study and researches in the field of Engineering Geology and allied sciences to the best of my ability.

With warm regards and Season’s Greetings….
Dr. Mridul Srivastava
Director, GSI, Lucknow