Any attempt to stop the settlement without making the proposed preliminary investigation would be an irresponsible gamble. Since I have witnessed many gambles of this kind I can state from personal experience that the savings associate with inadequate preliminary investigations are entirely out of proportion to the financial risks.”
  Karl Terzagi
Guidenlines For Authors
Guidelines for preparation of papers
It is strongly encouraged to produce original work however preliminary it may be. If it conveys even one single message, Journal of Engineering Geology will be happy to publish the same. However, all papers will be professionally or scholarly peer reviewed as the case may be. The journal lays great emphasis on scientific work ethics and moral values. Case studies, analysis, experimental studies related with engineering geology, geologic hazards, geo-engineering, soil and rock mechanics, geotechnology, geo-hydrology or geo-environment are all welcome. The ambit of engineering geology is ever increasing and the list of subjects is illustrative not exhaustive.
Abstract should be limited to 200 words and covering the entire paper. Many authors give introduction in a brief manner in place of abstract which is discouraged. Abstract is actually a summary of the entire work carried out. The purpose of giving abstract is to allow researchers and other professional go through a bunch of papers to find the relevant work of their own interest. It is also understood that abstract may be able to stand alone and be able to communicate what the authors want. Yet so in 200 words many writers find it difficult to portray a true picture of their entire work. This is where the judicious choice of approach and use of minimal expressions to convey important messages is required. Figures, tables and pictures are not required in the abstract.
Main Paper
Full length papers are to be submitted according to the formatting given in template. Page margins, line spacing, paragraph spacing, title, sub-headings, table style and figures/ pictures are to be maintained as given in template. In case authors do not wish to give their designations they are free to give their name(s) and affiliations only. It is also optional to give email id for the authors. However, it is necessary to give email id to the editor for communication. If the authors want to hide their emails from publication they must make specific mention of the same.

It may be noted that the pictures should be clear and captioned. The caption should be attached to the picture. The pictures should have been taken by authors themselves or if they are using other work, proper references need to be given. Just like pictures, figures should also be clear and legible with caption attached to the figure. References may be arranged alphabetically.

Author(s) may submit abstract of 200 words, if desired, for our response which will be given within one month. However the option of submitting full length paper directly is also open. Comments/acceptance will be conveyed as soon as possible after review. The papers getting acceptance will be published in forthcoming issue based on availability of space.

The responsibility of obtaining permissions, references or copyright violations if any shall solely rest with the author or jointly in case of two or more authors. The society will however correspond with the first author or as nominated by first author. It is advised to follow the guidelines and template for quick processing of the papers.
16th June, 2013 Editor