Any attempt to stop the settlement without making the proposed preliminary investigation would be an irresponsible gamble. Since I have witnessed many gambles of this kind I can state from personal experience that the savings associate with inadequate preliminary investigations are entirely out of proportion to the financial risks.”
  Karl Terzagi
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Paper 1 Kinematic analysis to assess the stability of slopes in opencast coalmines
Sharma, D. N
Paper 2 Landslide susceptibility in outer and lesser Himalaya, parts of Solan, Shimla and Sirmur districts, Himachal Pradesh - A case study
Nabiyal, Vinay, Rangari, Kundan Digambar and Kumar, Manoj

Paper 3 Numerical study of the cross-sectional shape of shallow tunnels subjected to impact and blast loading
Dhamne, R. , Mishra, S. ,Kumar, A. , Rao, K.S.
Paper 4 Deep probing through ground penetrating radar (GPR) – Case study from Antarctica
Swain, Ashit Kumar
Paper 5 Stability assessment of high cut slopes in soft rocks -A case study, Dubai
Shatnawi, Mohammad K. Ahmed, Mohd J. Musthafa, K. Mohammed Jacob, Kurian Nadeem, Kashif
Paper 6 Current aspects and Future roles of geotechnical instrumentation in monitoring the performance of underground structures
-Muralidharan, Ganesh, Tomar, N.K.S. and Vishnu. S.
Paper 7 Seismic exploration to predict geological risk along tunnel through inaccessible mountain by Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP)
Choudhary, Kripal, Dickmann, Thomas and Mendez, J. Hecht
Paper 8 Stability analysis for the back Slope of powerhouse of Bhasmey H.E. project-Case study
Gupta, Hemlata
Paper 9 Seismic hazard microzonation of Chennai metropolis
Murthy, V., Rama, Balaji, R. and Srinivasan, R.
Paper 10 Determination of rainfall thresholds for shallow landslides using limited data
Dikshit, Abhirup and Satyam, Neelima
Paper 11 TBM borability as a function of rock mineralogy and geotechnical properties in SLBC tunnel of AMR Project, Telangana, India
Ramakrishna, D.
Paper 12 Seismic response of tunnels in jointed rock mass
Srivastav, Ambika and Satyam, Neelima
Paper 13 High wall slope stability assessment of open pit coal mine- A case study
Reddy, S. Kumar, Babu, Rajan and Venkatesh, H. S.
Paper 14 Stability of cut slopes on either abutment of Koteshwar dam, Uttarakhand
Bahuguna, Harish
Paper 15 Surge shaft excavation in adverse geological conditions at Mangdechhu hydroelectric project, Bhutan: Excavation methodology, support system, in-situ treatment and monitoring of rockmass
Mishra, A. K. , Choudhary, R.K. , Punetha, P, Ahmed, I.
Paper 16 Petrography of Siwalik sandstones from Kaladungi-Ramnagar area, Nainital district, Uttrakhand and its bearing on engineering properties
Misra, Sarvesh , Mishra, Meenal , Tewari, Ram Chandra